Friday, July 31, 2015

5 Protein Deficiency Signs You Should Not Be Ignoring
Whenever the body is faced with a deficiency in the nutrients required for proper functioning, it sends out distress signals as a warning for you to take corrective measures before the situation gets out-of-hand. Some of the common reasons for protein deficiency are lack of knowledge concerning the requisite intake of necessary nutrients, poor diets, poverty and many more.

Weight Loss

A sudden drastic loss in weight is one of the signs of a lack of protein in an individual’s diet.  Muscles contribute a substantial part of your body weight. When our body lacks protein, muscles breakdown to provide the body with its required level of protein, thereby compensating for the deficiency.


As protein is essential for the maintenance of a proper balance of water in our bodies, its deficiency may lead to water imbalance and improper storage, thereby causing Edema. It can also be described as a collection of fluids that mostly affect the feet, legs and ankles. It may also impact other body parts as well.

Thinning and Brittle Hair

Hair is made of protein and its deficiency may lead to thinning or brittle hair. An excessive lack of protein may also lead to falling hair. In order to avoid this issue, it is recommended that one must have a healthy diet that is rich in protein or instead go for the best isolate protein supplement that can restore hair growth and health.

Ridges in Nails

Ridges are the white lines that one may notice on their finger or toe nails. It is one of the symptoms of a lack of protein in our body. Ridges run from top to bottom or they may run transverse. While the ones that run from top to bottom indicate an ongoing protein deficiency the transverse ridges indicate a deficiency that has now passed.

Skin Problems

Dry or Flaking skin is common among people with protein deficiency. However, extreme deficiency may lead to serious skin issues such as eczema. Other skin issues associated with protein deficiency include pale skin that has lost pigment and burns more easily in sun. It is caused by lack of iron, which result from a lack of protein necessary for the body to utilize or retain iron in the body.         

Word of advice

These days a lot of people are relying on supplements  to compensate for the lack of protein in their regular diets. For those who rely on supplements, it is advisable to settle for nothing but the best isolate protein supplements in the market, because investing in health is the best investment anyone can ever make.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

8 Ways to Fix your Hair this Monsoon

Unexpected showers, change in weather and smog during monsoon can cause harm to your hair especially if it’s frizzy and dry. You need to take special care of your tresses to ensure that they remain healthy even during changing weather conditions. In addition to using some of the age-old homemade remedies that work wonders, you can also buy hair care products online to protect your mane from further damage.

Step 1

The rule of thumb when it comes to taking care of your hair this monsoon is to go Natural. For instance, if you have curly hair, do not use hot iron or straightener. Similarly do not curl your naturally straight hair with hair dryers. Keeping them natural will solve your hair woes.

Step 2

Short length hair gets frizzy during monsoon as a result of humidity and rains. In case, you have short or shoulder length hair and they curl naturally; use curl cream or mousse to give it a messed up look.

Step 3

People with medium length hair face the problem of frizz, flyaway that makes their hair unmanageable. The solution is to use small amount of serum from a renowned brand and tie them in a loose bun. This not only protects them from damage but also looks great with formal or casual wear.

Step 4

For longer hair, that is difficult to deal with, tie them in a top knot bun. For this, you need to gather all your hair and tie them on the top of your head.

Step 5

For excessively dry hair, that is difficult to tame, try using hair care products that help in strengthen them along with hair spa treatment every 15 days. This will soften them and help you control them.

Step 6

Accessories can help in styling your hair and at the same time distract people from your messy hair. A trendy hair band or a colorful hair clip is a great add on in your accessories and looks great while dressing up.

Step 7

Cover your head while stepping out. Protect your hair from dust and chemicals in the air and carry an umbrella always while stepping out. Use a scarf or a bandana to cover your hair while stepping out during monsoons.

Step 8

It is advisable to use wooden comb for your hair in the monsoons. This will prevent your hair from sticking out due static created by plastic combs.


These are some steps to keep your hair simple and looking trendy this monsoon. In addition to implementing the tips it is also important to buy hair care products online to give a healthy look to your tresses.

Social Summary

Monsoon it either hot or wet. Learn how to look trendy and take care of your hair this rainy season.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Secret to Reducing Heart Problems
Cardiovascular health effects the overall wellness of any individual and is the basis of a strong, healthy body. A focused exercise and diet routine can help you keep your heart in shape and heart diseases at bay.

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the primary killers in the US. In fact, one of four deaths in the US, is a consequence of some form of a heart disease. While heart diseases affect both men in women to great extents, men are somewhat more at risk, compared to women.
The deadliest type of heart disease is coronary heart disease, which kills almost four hundred thousand people every year. Naturally, people with the slightest symptoms of a heart related problem look for ways to make their hearts healthier. A healthy heart is a product of a well-balanced diet with emphases on specific nutrients and a regular exercise regime. Health-heart supplements also feature prominently in the equation. We discuss in detail below.

Heart healthy Diet

•    You should keep unhealthy fats at bay; this includes saturated and Trans fats. Essentially, this demands monitoring the intake of high cholesterol foods such as dairy products, meats and processed foods.

•    You should increase the intake of good fats, which are found in food items such as fish and olive oil. Good fats contain omega-3, one of the healthiest nutrients to lower heart diseases. You can also resort to an omega-3 based supplement, to fulfill your daily requirement.

•    A fiber-rich diet will help you keep the low density lipoprotein (LDL) level of your body, under control. LDLs are infamously known as bad cholesterol, and are a primary culprit of heart diseases.

Heart healthy exercise regime

Working for a healthy heart is different from working for a strong, muscular body. The latter, may require hours of rigorous work-out at the gym but the former, largely involves performing light, regular exercises on a daily basis.

Some important guidelines for an effective cardio-vascular workout plan –

•    Perform light exercises for about 30 minutes every day.

•    Keep the intensity level at medium to low, especially if you’re already a heart patent.

•    Determine the emphasis you want to lay on incorporating strength training exercises in your routine.

•    If you’re overweight, focus on weight loss exercises and increase the time spent in the gym by an extra half hour or so, in addition to the mandatory 30 minutes, you’re supposed to do every day.

Note that it is advisable for heart patients to train for strength, as per the new guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Strength training is recommended for healthy adults under the age of 65. Also conduct thorough research on the various heart health supplements in the market before making any of them part of your plan.

Friday, May 1, 2015

How to Buy Vitamins and Health Supplements Online
Nowadays, many people need vitamins and health supplements to provide  essential nutrients to their body. If you are one of them, you need to know a reliable seller of these products. Of course your doctor can recommend some, but that is not the only option left for you.

You can also rely on any reputable chain of health supplements that is committed to quality to buy vitamins and supplements online. Yes, buying from an online store is not a bad idea as they are run by trained physicists who are qualified to recommend these products to you. There are many off-the-shelf vitamins and supplements that you can buy without prescription as many loyal customers of these online stores do.

Types of Vitamins and Supplements Available Online

If you want to buy vitamins and supplements online, find a website of a reputable chain of these shops. A range of these products are sold online, in the category of:

•    Men’s health

•    Women’s health

•    Children’s health

•    Fish Oil and Omegas

•    Specialty Supplements

•    Calcium and Minerals

•    Antioxidants

•    Amino Acids

•    Vitamins

•    Protein Supplements

•    Weight Gain

•    Sexual Health and Vitality

•    Weight Loss

•    Beauty Care

When you search for an online store to buy vitamins or supplements, you will find dozens selling hundreds of products. A website you can rely on would have the following features:

•    Commitment to quality in manufacturing  all types of supplements and vitamins

•    High quality raw materials with guaranteed potency

•    Manufacturing date recorded in each of the products being sold to ensure only the freshest supplements are supplied

•    Money back guarantee on the products

•    Free shipping for the convenience of clients

•    The online store should actually be represented by hundreds of physical stores all over the country

•    You should place an order online only when the store locator tool on the website shows that there is no such shop in your town

•    ISO 9001:2008 certification that ensures quality as this involves hundreds of quality checks that are well documented with proofs

•    History of producing quality products over several decades

Whether you want an effective weight loss pill or enhance your energy level to achieve a better physique or enhance sex drive, the supplements available online can work. You need to be careful in choosing a store that has the features discussed here. Just make sure you buy from a trusted supplier of these products.

Monday, March 30, 2015

How to buy the Right Supplement?
The human body requires a regular supply of various essential minerals, vitamins and other components to perform vital functions. These essential nutrients, however, are not always readily available in our regular diet. Moreover, people today do not have enough disposable time to devote towards preparing nutritional food items. To address such issues many providers have come up with health supplements which are a mixture of various nutritional components. Also, many providers even sell health supplements online. Buying through such manufacturers relieves buyers from the hassles of paying an in-person-visit to the provider’s store.

Buyers need to exercise caution while buying a health supplement. Inclusion of a wrong supplement in their diet chart would have an adverse impact on their health and well-being. To counter these issues they should choose the supplement along these lines:

•    Buyers should read the label of the container to get an idea regarding the nutrient forms that are included. This is important as many people are incapable of absorbing certain components. For example, Calcium-available in the form of Calcium Carbonate cannot be absorbed by people who are deficient in hydrochloric acid. 

•    Next, buyers should ensure that the supplement they are opting for contains essential nutrients in the right quantities. Consumers can ensure this by going through the list of components included (which is mentioned on the label). It is also important that they possess adequate knowledge regarding the right quantity of nutritional component that should be included in the supplement to increase its therapeutic effect. To achieve this objective it is advised that consumers conduct a detailed research regarding the amount of components that the supplement of their choice should include.

•    Consumers should always ensure that they buy only from the most trusted and reputable manufacturers. This can be done by contacting the provider to enquire the standards followed by the company, the quality measure controls adopted. Consumers can also visit the website of the provider to collect additional information if required. Following this process may prove to be time consuming but would ensure that they (consumers) get a standard, high quality product.

•    Buyers should as far as possible avoid buying and using cheap alternatives. The reason being that there is generally a difference between the actual amounts of nutritional components included in the product than as claimed by the manufacturer. Consumers can also evaluate the supplement by visiting the websites of organizations which review consumer products.

•    Last, but not the least, consumers should check out for the expiry date and should also look out for added preservatives, coloring agents, sugar, etc.
Above all, consumers should never hesitate to raise questions with the provider. They should also consult their doctor, friends and other acquaintances regarding the efficacy of different supplements.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Some Essential Health Supplements That you can buy Online

Sometimes, it is possible that even a balanced diet may fail to provide your body with the extra nutrients that it may be in need of. This is where the role of health supplements comes to the fore. Health supplements, however, cannot replace a balanced diet and both are significant in their own way. You have to continue eating nutritious food and the supplements that you take separately will help you in maintaining your overall health condition.

Some may be skeptical of the entire idea of taking health supplements separately and they may feel that this entire practice may not really be worthwhile. The significance of health supplements can be explained through an example. When a person starts aging, their bones become weak. An elderly person who fears bone loss and wishes to keep their bones as strong as possible can certainly benefit a lot from the intake of supplements that contain calcium and vitamin D. There is now the provision to buy supplements online in India and you would not really have to visit a medical store when you feel the urge to take a certain type of health supplement. 

It is common knowledge that a lot of weightlifters, athletes and fitness enthusiasts take supplements to achieve better and quicker results. Whey protein supplements are known to aid and expedite important processes like muscle recovery, muscle growth, etc. Whey protein is the highest form of protein and a prime source of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids). The sad part is that whey protein and casein protein aren't found in natural food items and their intake is only possible through protein bars, protein mixes, etc.

However, people aren't just hankering after supplements that contain calcium, vitamin D or protein for that matter. Testosterone supplements, too, are growing in popularity and they are serving multiple purposes. To begin with, a testosterone supplement is known to cure erectile dysfunction among men. It is especially recommended for middle-aged men who wish to enhance their virility and restore it to its highest levels. Testosterone comes in handy in increasing lean body mass and with the intake of a testosterone supplement, a person can become more energetic and feel more motivated to indulge in physical exercise.

In fact, on getting touch with an online vendor who deals in health products, you may discover that there are many other health supplements in addition to the ones discussed above. There are specific health supplements for people of every age group and both the genders and these products can all be bought online.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Best Health Supplements for men and Their Benefits
Your body requires effective maintenance and energy in order to repair the worn out parts and create new ones. In order to perform this function, the body needs an assured and perennial supply of proteins, minerals and other essential components. However, all these components are not manufactured by the body in abundance. Moreover, it takes time in procuring and preparing food items like different vegetables, meat, etc. As a result in most probability you avoid consuming these items. This can have an adverse impact on your overall health and you may end up spending huge amounts money on medical and other bills.

In order to address this issue many manufacturers have come up with health supplements for men as well as women. These supplements contain essential vitamins and other useful components that aid your body in carrying out varied functions. Below is a list of some of the essential health supplements for men and the various benefits associated with their consumption:
  • Zinc based health supplements: Research shows that zinc is responsible for over 300 enzyme functions and hence is an essential trace element. Zinc is extremely potent in normalizing the adverse effects of diabetes mellitus. Hence, a regular intake is extremely beneficial for patients suffering from type-1 and type-2 diabetes as it improves glycemic control. Many enzyme systems are involved with metabolism of blood sugar. This effectively makes zinc a natural catalyst for insulin secretion. 
  • Supplements made from saw palmetto: Saw Palmetto resembles a palm tree and has fan- shaped leaves. These plants are native to the south-eastern US. Supplements rich in saw palmetto helps in healthy functioning of prostate gland. Hence, a regular intake is highly advisable, especially in case age is catching up on you.
  •  Fish-oil based supplements: Fish oil is known to be a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Regular intake of fish oil provides a bundle of benefits and helps you in maintaining healthy blood pressure by regulating the blood triglyceride levels. Consumption of fish oil based supplements is also known to benefit patients suffering from arthritis and autism spectrum disorders. These components also facilitate the development of brain, eyes and nerves. Hence, a regular intake is advisable even in case you do not suffer from above mentioned ailments. It is worth mentioning here that while opting for a fish-oil based supplement you should ensure that the mixture is free from toxic components like mercury, cadmium, leads and PCBs.
  • Ginseng supplements: Ginseng is known to slow down the process of ageing. A regular consumption of these supplements will help you in fighting fatigue. Ginsengs are known to stimulate the central nervous system which reinvigorates the entire system.

These are just some of the basic supplements that you should include in your daily diet. Regular consumption of these supplements will help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.